The first question people always ask is “What is it like?” “How do you worship?” “What is Anglican?” Regardless, the questions pose too long of an answer, as if you could fully explain what any one branch of Christianity believes in two short paragraphs. However, we will attempt to explain using a quote from Church historian Bonnell Spencer:

The Anglican Communion justifies itself by an appeal to Church History. In the sixteenth century, while the Protestant Reformers were appealing to the Bible and to what they thought was first century Christianity, and while the Roman Catholics were resisting their innovations by the exaltation of the Pope, the Church in England tried to be faithful to the Church of history. It rejected the idea that the Church had reached its full and final form when the last book of the Bible was written. It repudiated the exaggerated Papal claims which had developed in the preceding centuries. It retained the historic Creeds. The decrees of the General Councils were recognized as the basis of authority. Abuses were corrected, but the traditional Faith, Sacraments, and to some extent, even devout practices were kept. The historic episcopate was continued.

While Spencer’s comment is laden with theological jargon, the point is that as Anglican Christians we are very much connected with the ancient Christian faith. We believe that whether you are looking for a catholic, evangelical or charismatic expression, or would like to live into an authentic form of the Christian faith, we can help you.


You will notice that we have invited you to “Come and See.” The long experience of the Christian Tradition reminds us that the only authentic way to the Christian faith is through participation. Just as we come to know other human beings through interpersonal engagement, so we can only come to know Jesus our Messiah and His Church through the same. Christianity is not so much the grasping of particular principles as it is an encounter with the Risen Lord, Jesus.

If you decide to come to worship with us, the first thing you will notice is that it is scripted, rehearsed, logical and formative. That is that what Christians have believed from the beginning is that what we pray is how we believe. It is ritual that is intended not only for the adoration and worship of God, but for the formation of the Christian soul. You will notice that people make responses to prayer either verbal or bodily responses. We comprehend the presence of Christ both with our mind and with our body (and senses). Remember that you cannot master the worship of God. We can only come in deeper communion with Him through perseverance and repentance. So please don’t be too concerned if at first all seems a little strange. It grows on you and you grow through it.

Secondly, because we believe that praying shapes believing, we will encourage you (in time) to adopt a basic rule of prayer for your life. It is reasonably challenging without being rigorous. It is much like a reasonable exercise program. It becomes the back bone for your spiritual growth.

If you should choose to take part in our community life, you will find that you can receive as much help as you want to accomplish and grow toward Christlike goals.

Will I be able to follow the service? Will I understand what is going on?

The first few times it will seem confusing. We encourage people to simply come and take in the ritual and ceremony of the liturgy. It is our belief and understanding that bodily engaging the ritual is a means of communication and prayer to God. Simply standing, sitting and kneeling with others is helpful. After experiencing the liturgy as it is called, you will be more open to mentally understanding what is behind the ritual.

What does your service consist of?

Our services consist of the Administration of the Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion or Holy Eucharist).

I am new here. Can I take communion?

The Holy Communion is typically reserved for those who are baptized into our communion in the Church.  This means being an Anglican.  However, Anglicans have had a relatively open communion.  This means that we will give the sacrament of Holy Communion to people who have been baptized and believe that Jesus is truly present in the species of bread and wine.  Likewise one should come to communion have prepared through a mortal self examination seeking God’s forgiveness.  If you cannot meet those requirements then you should not receive.  If you don’t receive it is not a stigma.  People often don’t receive for a variety of reasons.  If you have questions the priest would be happy to talk with you after the liturgy.

How long are your services?

Our services last for approximately one hour, with coffee and fellowship afterwards.

What is your affiliation?

We are affiliated with the Diocese of San Joaquin of the Anglican Church in North America.


To proclaim the Good News of God’s Kingdom and make disciples of Jesus Christ

Christ Church of the Sierra Reno, NV



Sundays at 10:00 am
Wednesdays at 5:30 pm


7689 South Virginia Street

Suite G

Reno NV



Please join us for fellowship after the service!