Father David Alenskis

Father David Alenskis is a missionary Priest to the nation of Belize.  Belize is definitely a nation where Christian ministry has immediate potential to yield a considerable harvest.  Though, for years, this English-speaking country has been a hotspot for short-term missions teams from North America, failure to build long-term collaborative relationships with nationals has too often stifled the maturity of the churches served by those teams. And today, the number of those in Belize who are not only nonbelievers but entirely unchurched is increasing dramatically.

Father David has become a good friend of Christ Church of the Sierra.  He believes his vocation lies specifically as a missionary.  He is a young priest gifted beyond his years.  Recently Father David has been in the United States seeking funding for the next three years.  As a missionary with SAMS (Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders), Father David has to raise his own financial support.  This means that in order for him to function as a missionary Priest he needs to ask for his support.  This is not an easy thing to do.  Supporting missionaries is always a good idea for Christians as it enables us to maintain contact with the catholic church in areas we might not be familiar.  By doing so we can come to know the challenges of Christians in those areas.  Please join Christ Church in supporting Father David at www.countryparson.org/